Funny how blogposts evolve. I’d originally planned to base a look around some funky leopardskin boots I got at the Cart Sale in Car Wash, but I couldn’t find any animal print items in inventory that matched the print well enough. I did, however, find a nice leopardskin top from a Cupcakes dress, and ended up basing this look around that.

It’s a kind of glam, clubby look, and I fell in love with Ivey’s gorgeous Nightclubbing Skirt fatpack at Sn@tch with its sculpted prims and little hint of lace, so that had to be a part of this look! The top is, as mentioned before, from an old Cupcakes dress. The shoes are the very reasonably-priced Kahakai shoes in black, from R2. Hair is #55 (an old freebie or dollarbie; can’t remember which!) from Waka and Yuki. The jewellery comes from the Jewellery Fair 2009, and is the Fall Colors Topaz Set from SBJ.

Mar added the recent Stiletto Moody free gift Box Bracelet because it had the perfect colours for this look. Her skin is the current Gina 04 offering from Tuli at The Dressing Room. Finally, Mar hopped over to Love Soul’s discount board and snagged the Sexy Girl A*Black prim nails to complete the look.

Hop behind the cut for more pics.

All poses are from Glitterati.