Today’s look came about after I ‘paid and played’ with a few gacha machines. For those that haven’t used them yet, gacha machines are becoming increasingly popular among store owners in Second Life. They are stocked with random prizes (often one item in many colours) and the customer, on paying the required (and usually low) price receives a random item from the machine.

At Baby Monkey Mar received some pretty box bracelets for a L$25 payment, and a further L$25 payment to a shoe vendor in the same store yielded a great colour-change pair of shoes in similar hues. Hence the quest began to put together an outfit around them. In the end, I couldn’t match the bracelets, but I did manage a look based on one of the possible shoe colours.

As mentioned, the shoes are from the gacha machine, and different footwear is inside it. Mar received the Beckie Pumps in the blue and green colour set. Her pants are from Sn@tch’s recent releases: the Classic Knit Trousers. Her top is, again, from Sn@tch (and you thought Ivey only made punky gear, right?) – the gorgeous fatpack of Jane Ruched Tops with big puffy shoulder detail and a cute bow where the ruched section is gathered.

Jewellery is from Ticky Tacky: the Lomo Saltado Bangles which Mar already had in inventory, and the L$5 Gem Spot Earrings in Flame Warrior, from Ticky Tacky’s discount room on the top floor of the store.

Hair is from the freebie Danina fatpack by Amacci, and is the auburn shade. Skin is the current Gina 04 from Tuli, at The Dressing Room, and eyes are Tuli’s Gem Eyes in sapphire (free at Tuli’s mainstore).

Lastly, Mar’s nails are the Folklore Prim Nail & Ring in green, from the discount board at Love Soul.

Hop behind the cut for more pics.

Love Soul’s prim nails come with a hand animation that fixes your fingers so they don’t ‘starfish’ and leave the nails hanging in space.

I took off the pants’ prim cuffs so you could see the shoes:

All poses are by Behaviour Body.