Or so went the tagline for Dairy Milk chocolate: a glass and a half of milk in every bar, and since Mar’s all in cream today it seemed like a fitting title for this post.

Today was a shoe-splurging day. R2 released their new Pumehana boots, and having teleported over to check out the half price offers inside the doorway for three bright colours with added detail (and, erm, buying all three) Mar then meandered inside and splurged on three of the leather pairs inside: black, white, and ivory.

The dress is the simple and yet lovely L$10 Greene one from the Beauty Avatar Couture/Glam Affair Discount Room (find it directly in front of you on the wall at the top of the stairs, high up). Hair is the lovely Tracy from Calico Ingmann’s Red Seal Hunt prize, and skin is Tuli’s Tanya. Mar’s eyes are the blue Promise ones that MADesigns gave as a group gift a few weeks ago, and her bracelet is an old Earth Jewel gift. Finally, her earrings are her favourites from Ticky Tacky: Marta Takes A Holiday – Greece.

Hop behind the cut for more pics.

I know you want these boots. You know you want these boots ;) I had to refrain from buying the whole fatpack!

Poses are by Glitterati.