So I was going to blog the new Dressing Room Blue collection, having spent quite a considerable sum of money there today. On trying on the first outfit I received repeated ‘attempt to rez an object failed’ messages. My teleports had been horrendous (two to three minutes to get anywhere and I’m currently trying to get home without any success at all) so I decided to relog.

As SL shut down I saw a weird message I’d not seen before: something like ‘saving final status’.

On relog, I was wearing only part of the system clothing sections of the outfit I’d been wearing before I started to change into the Dressing Room outfit. So I opened up the Recent Items tab of my inventory, set the filters to ‘1 hour’ and… nothing.

I set the filters to ‘1 day’. Nothing.

Well, not quite nothing. The notecards I’d been sent today, plus a couple of group gifts and the final two TDR items I’d purchased were there. But the first five TDR items? Completely gone.

I cleared cache and relogged back into Pooley, which is the sim that Support often recommend you try when waiting for inventory to load. I stood there for half an hour and waited. More of the TDR items came back, but not the one that had given me the error messages, nor another one that I’d really wanted.


So I’ve opened a support ticket, which I don’t expect will get me anywhere, and will probably have to repurchase those two items before this TDR collection finishes, since I know how slowly SL Support moves.

Ironically, the missing items were the two that I loved the most in the entire collection this week :(