Sometimes there are days when I can’t put together something that looks put-together for the life of me.

There’s a new Dressing Room collection out, and it’s stupendous this week. Lots of lovely things, from a stunning open red shirt by Aoharu, to lovely jewellery from Magic Nook and GLOW Studio, pretty lashes also from GLOW Studio, three skins (including another gorgeous Gina from Tuli), eyes… you name it, it’s there. Even a fabulous male skin with shape by CheerNo.

Mar splurged in there, but when she got home do you think she could put a look together around anything? Nope. Today is a fashion funk day, and fashion funk means a crabby Mar. So she resorted to what always works when nothing else does: black and the comfort of stuff she knows already works well.

Hop behind the cut for styling info and commentary.

While black is usually a safe bet when you don’t know what else to do, it’s still a bloody hard colour to match. I’m still not 100% happy with the fact that the top and pants are different shades of black, but I wanted to wear those specific pants and I wanted to wear that specific top, so what can you do? ;)

Said pants are the fabulous Inverness leather pants (wearable with or without the prim cuffs) for just L$10 from the Beauty Avatar Couture/Glam Affair Discount Room. These pants come in several shades and should be a staple of any female avatar’s wardrobe. They’re an amazing, great-looking fallback when you can’t find another pair of pants that works for your outfit.

The top is a simple long-sleeved off-shoulder one that I picked up during a L$30 sale at GL Designs last year. It’s the Beauty Sweater in black (of course!) and has a nice glove extension with the thumbhole look that’s been around the RL streets for a while now. My only regret about this top is that the underpants layer is an actual pair of panties (which are lovely in themselves) instead of a continuation of the top, for a tucked-in look. Still, with the low-cut leather pants this top still looks great with a bit of midriff showing.

Mar’s skin is her current fallback, too. It’s Tuli’s Tanya, this preview of which came out as a group gift earlier this year. I’ve been leaning very heavily towards Tuli’s skins of late; they always look so calm and serene, and this one is no exception. Very subtle make-up and a natural tan. Her eyes are also by Tuli: the Gem Eyes in sapphire, which (last time I looked) were still a freebie in the middle of the store.

Mar’s hair is a fabulous find that she comes back to again and again: the 101 style in dark brown, by White Well. This style, together with light brown and blonde shades, is free at Savoir Hair (the best location for free and dollarbie hair from tons of creators in Second Life). It’s a great half-styled, half-scruffed look that goes well with everything from formal to punky.

Ticky Tacky is fast becoming one of my favourite places for jewellery. Not only do they have a great cheapie room on the third floor of their store, but their styles are fresh and wearable. I snagged these lovely Marta Takes A Holiday – Greece earrings the second I saw them, and again they work with so many different looks.

Prim nails! Since I discovered Love Soul I’ve become a prim nail addict. They have a great discount board with nails starting from L$60, and what’s good is they come with a hand animation included, so that when you wear them your hands don’t starfish and leave the nails hanging in mid-air. For those that do a lot of static pose work (such as fashion bloggers) they also have some sets of menu-driven posing nails, which will move into various positions such as clenched fingers etc. These Clear French Square Beige nails go with everything, as any French manicure will do.

Lastly, I swear that Kalnins is out to bankrupt me! Every week they’re releasing fabulous prim-toed shoes with one of the best HUDs in SL for colour-matching your skin and changing around various sections of the shoes and pedicure. This is the latest pair: Saleina. Make sure you join their Infochannel for updates in new releases, because for one week after release you’ll get a huge discount on the shoes (50% of late, and Kalnins shoes aren’t cheap, so these are absolute bargains!).

Another view of the shoes, because if nothing else will cheer Mar up, new shoes will ;)

All poses are by Glitterati.