Flying randomly around today, I found a whole mainland sim for sale, so out of curiosity to see what the landowner was asking for it, I clicked the About Land link.


Or, L$30.5/sq.m.

Now I don’t know about you, but that seems a trifle… extortionate? Considering that the current L$ to USD rate, as of today is L$267, as shown here:

So that’s, hm, let me drag out Calculator and show my workings-out, as my maths teacher always told me to do. Hop behind the cut!

Here we go. Mr Zyngo Bikinicity wants this much for his sim:

Let me say that again. He wants US$7490 for his mainland sim.

You know what, sweetie? If I wanted a sim of my own and I had money like that to spend on it? I’d buy a Private Region for US$1000 and then spend the remaining US$6490 on the next twenty-two months of tier: