There are facelights, and then there are entire bodily solar systems:

It’s enormous ‘body light’ systems like this one that throw into bright illumination not only the avatar wearing them, but everyone and everything within a 10m vicinity. Why do people create systems like this with such massive prims?

*scratches head*

Yes, I use facelights: three teeny-tiny prims in a triangle very close to my actual face. I could probably get away with just one teeny-tiny prim, to be honest; I just never got around to making a single-prim version (yes, I make my own facelights; perhaps I should give them away so people have a more, um, subtle version to use?)

I also forget to put them on half the time. When I shoot pics for the blogs, I use Caliah Lyon’s Avatar Optimising Windlight Preset. If I stay in that preset, I always forget the facelights because they actually look terrible when you’re using that preset, no matter how subtle they are.