And no, it’s not a cold. I call it the, “Um, do you know that you’re naked?” bug, because the first that any poor avatar suffering from it will likely know about it is when someone ventures to ask them that.

I’ve been seeing it a lot over the past couple of weeks in SL: avatars with some or most of their prim attachments showing, but with their system layer clothing not showing. Sometimes (if they’re wearing it) their underwear is visible but outerwear is not (and really, SL being what it is there are plenty of people deliberately walking around in their undies, but when you can see the prim sections of skirts or pant legs then you know that something else is meant to be on top of said undies).

Take these two ladies that I spotted at Baby Monkey, both of whom were clearly suffering from the bug:

It’s enough to make one feel rather nervous. I won’t be leaving the house without my undies from now on, and whenever I arrive at a new place I’m going to rebake my textures in the hope that this will make them appear because I don’t want to be the next person to be told, “Um, did you know that you’re naked?” O_o

As an aside: what does one do when encountering this? A polite IM to the poor avatar concerned? A public, “Um…” approach? Ignore it because you might be the only one to see it?