You know guys, I created the Newbie Haven at ground level on my land, so that newbies had a place to go and unpack boxes, try on clothes, read notecards, and generally get a bit of peace and quiet whenever SL got a bit too much for them. Sure, it’s also a place where they can hang out with friends, but the Newbie Haven is on land, not in the air, and I was pretty disappointed to log into my private skybox yesterday to see this:

That’s my colour-change couch and texture-change rug. And those are not the colours and textures I left them on. So I looked at my visitor counter stats, and to my disappointment I noticed that a regular visitor to the Newbie Haven had flown up and entered my private skybox and had clearly been clicking around.

Guys, this is my PRIVATE area. It’s my own haven, it’s where I put together the blogposts you see at SL for Nowt, and it’s where I escape to.

Even worse, today when I logged on, someone was hovering by my building platform which, yes, has a teleporter directly into my skybox. When I went up there she teleported out. But seconds later two other people, both of them regular visitors to the Newbie Haven (according to my visitor counter stats) teleported directly onto the platform. Which meant they had set landmarks there.

I’m not only disappointed; I’m saddened. These are private areas, people. Please think yourselves lucky that I don’t ban you from the land altogether. If you continue to appear on my visitor stats for the skybox or the build platform, then I will ban you.

EDIT: Good God! Someone else just popped up and I caught them on the building platform, actually building something. Hello, people? USE A GODDAMN SANDBOX! You know you are in the wrong, because as soon as I show up and ask you what you’re doing you teleport away! You want to be named and shamed? Don’t tempt me.