Is it wrong of me to hope that Tuli will be releasing an entire set of her Gina skins via The Dressing Room’s limited-time offers? I mean hell, even at an incredibly low-priced L$65 a skin, enough people must be buying them to make it a worthwhile venture. And it’s an amazing chance for SL’s female avatars to buy beautiful skins from a top-name skin creator.

The Gina skins are some of the loveliest I’ve seen in SL, because they combine elegance with a slightly older look. Not too old, but there’s a sophistication present that I don’t see in many other skins. This is the latest: Gina 02, which was released with the current Dressing Room collection:

Paired with the Leslie hair that Exile have out in The Dressing Room, plus the Maitreya Short Trench and A-Bomb’s Swing Time dress (shown in more detail a couple of posts back) this is such a super-gorgeous look that I never want to take it off. Favourite skins come and go for me: one month I’ll be wearing only Belleza, the next it’ll be Chai, but these Tuli skins have fast become firm favourites.

More behind the cut.

A fuller version, with Glam Affair’s Carol underwear and a manicure from SinSkins:

The previous Gina 01 skin (now no longer available) again had that same elegance and sophistication. Shown here with Amacci’s Adena hair in Swedish Blonde (freebie fatpack), Beauty Avatar Couture’s Los Angeles pantsuit (from their discount room) and Gems & Kisses Sissy earrings:

Credits for this look can be found here: