Three hours spent working on my inventory tonight, and I rid myself of about 1000 items. That’s not much for three hours of work *sigh*

Once upon a time, Mar’s inventory was a tidy, manageable 14k or so. Now, inexplicably (okay, maybe not so inexplicably) it’s drifted up to about 34k. (I know, I know. It makes me wince, too.) What did me in was not sorting purchases into my readymade folders as I went along. Several days of that and the folders outside my main folders increased, and then increased some more, and before I knew it, I had hundreds of loose folders just lying around, crowing at me that I would never sort them.

Today I made a start. I sorted all the animations and poses and tried to grab all the skins and sort them into their relevant folders. Hair, too, whenever I came across it, although sometimes creators name their folders so basically that it’s impossible to tell (even when looking inside) exactly what is in there. You’ve got to bite the bullet and just try everything on.

I weeded out a lot of skins that I know I’ll never wear. Hundreds of variants on Eloh’s skins that come packaged with the Peppermint Blue avatar kits are now archived, and tomorrow I’m going to go through all of my shapes, too (because, let’s face it, I never change my shape, so I have no idea why I’m hanging onto those extras!). Finally, if I get time, I’m going to try on as many skins as I can and archive the ones I really don’t think I’ll be wearing any time soon.

After that, it’s hair >.<