Good evening, darlings! Yes, once again I took a rare peek into this blog’s dashboard, saw I had a near-month-old comment awaiting moderation (I am so sorry!) and realised that yet again Mar has not pondered enough. Albeit the ‘ponderings’ posts were few and far between on my main blog, they’re even fewer and far-er on this one. So I shall rectify that today with a new, wee fashion post. So, this is what Mar’s wearing today:

Hop behind the cut for more info :)

First up, I want to express my lurve for these Sn@tch Lounge Tops. Ivey’s been branching out into some more elegant clothing alongside her usual fabulous gothy-punky-rocker stuff, and as soon as the notice came through for these I just had to have them.

The Unisex Pants are from Rfyre’s gift at the FabFree store. A shimmery-black with a very faint lizardy pattern on them, they’re modifiable to fit into boots and work with so many things that they’ve become a staple of my wardrobe. You can goth them right out, or dress them right up, and they still work.

And the boots… ahh, the boots. House of Curios have done it again with these gorgeous Noir Boots. They’re colour-change, and if you join the House of Curios group and have your group tag enabled when clicking the menu, you’ll find some awesome extra hidden texture options!

Mar’s hair is the free Adena style from Amacci. I’m not sure if the fatpack is still available in-store, but it’s worth checking. Take the TP to the hair section and see! These come in lovely shades, and there’s something to suit every outfit.

The necklace was a big splurge, but since I was going with an emerald green theme and I already had the earrings (a current group gift in their store) I headed to Rozoregalia for their matching Belial necklace. Pricey, yes, but you get several design options in the pack, so it was worth it.

Mar’s skin is a past (no longer available) special group-only makeup of Tuli’s Eva ‘Gem’ skin. This skin has the softest mouth and gorgeous eyeshadow, and generous cleavage options should you wish to take advantage of them ;)

The manicure is from Exodi, their Manipedi range in black. This was offered as a freebie at the WoE store a few weeks ago, but it’s also available in the Exodi store. I always lean towards glove nails, as although I own prim nails of late there seems to be an issue with Linden Lab’s animations, forcing avatars’ hands to ‘starfish’ wide open (even while using Priority 4 animations and poses) which, of course, leaves your prim nails floating in mid-air. One thing I have on my to-do list is to check out a hand animating HUD. I’ve found this one which I may look into, but if anyone else has any recommendations I would love to hear them :)

A closer look at the jewellery. Resizing is simple, via script, and you’re even told how long it should take (in my case, going from rezzed size to ‘small’ took a little over 40 seconds).