Baaaaad shoes!

She does realise they’re easy to customise, right? I mean, she did read the notecard included in the shoe pack that tells you the super-easy way to get the skintone on the prim feet to match your avatar’s skintone. Right?


Also, I spy bits of Very Big Feet at the front there, not covered by the foot-hiding invisiprims (set your foot size down to ZERO, ladies! It’s the default size!) Not to mention that the ankle cuffs are digging into her skin. Oh, and the invisiprim on the left foot is way too high for her and cuts off her leg, but it can easily be dragged down.

Actually, I don’t know where to start with what’s wrong here, and I was too tired to risk the confrontation I might have received had I gently suggested to her in IM how she could make those fabulous shoes look so much better on her.