That was all the time it took for me to spot three blogworthy things for ponderingmar today. First up, a LOLavi:


The first clue was when everyone in Savoir Hair was thrown into stark, brilliant relief. The second clue was the alien glow. The third clue was when I set World to midnight and cammed around to see:

But that was not all! Hop behind the cut…

Permit me to show you a small screencap from the official Second Life Wiki, all about rendering local lights (which is what facelights are made from) –

Note the section I have highlighted.

Now, since facelights are usually given full transparency, you need to View Transparent (CTRL+ALT+T) to see them. This shortcut tints them bright red. Count this female avatar’s individual facelights with me:

TWELVE. Six of those are utterly useless and aren’t adding anything but extra prims to the avatar. Who in hell made that thing?! Not only did they overdo the lights, it looks as though they set each one to maximum brightness and maximum radius.

That wasn’t all I found in my 15 minutes in-world. No sooner had I landed at Hairspray, than someone teleported in in top of me. I stepped aside so she could land, and while the world was rezzing around me, so was she. To be fair, I know sometimes clothes can take a long, embarrassing time to fully rez, but both she and I were standing there for five minutes, and no skirt or pants rezzed. I can only assume it was a full-blown Hair Emergency that made her go shopping in her knickers:

Lastly, on wandering into Savoir Hair, I was dimly aware of a small pink meringue nest. On closer inspection, I decided it was one of those little dollies that my Gran puts over the loo roll:

I cammed closer.

And then I cammed too close. EEK!

After that, Mar teleported home for a lie-down.