First, let’s get this morning’s viewer splash page out of the way:

Very courtly :)

OK, well… What The Fug (aka “We hate what you’re wearing”) is one of my favourite ‘guilty pleasure’ blogs. It showcases some truly awful decisions in… well, I could say ‘fashion’, but…

I sometimes screencap the fug that I see on my SL travels, so behind the cut is a small selection for you.

Spotted at the Discord lucky chairs. If only I’d had a bicycle with me, I could have parked it in this lady’s rear rack:

Spotted in Rockberry. I didn’t even like to ask if this poor guy was confused. I think he had a little bit of everything going on there:

(I do have to add that the poor guy’s shape is not his fault. It’s a current bug in SL that renders the avatar in a horrible, twisted and stunted shape. It was more the mishmash of outfit parts that got me.)

Spotted at Fabulous Fashion TV. There is such a thing as proportion, and this isn’t it. Unless she’s wearing an invisible corset:

Spotted at Armidi. I hate to say it, but this is why I don’t wear shoes or boots that make use of the new mirrored sculpts: they look godawful to anyone (like me) still using an older viewer that doesn’t support that feature:

Spotted at Evocative Free Designs. I was too far away to hear if that tummy talked. The text would probably have been in pink, too, if it did: