Hi there :)

I’m Mar, and I run SL for Nowt, which is a blog dedicated to finding freebies and cheapies, and to helping newbies in the virtual world of Second Life.

SL for Nowt is quite a popular blog with regular readers (thanks to all those that bookmark me, add me to their RSS readers, and comment on my posts!) but it’s my ‘official face’ in Second Life. For a while now I’ve occasionally included tagged posts called Mar’s Ponderings, which are my thoughts on certain things, but I don’t feel that such posts really belong on a freebie and newbie blog.

So, since I’d like to keep SL for Nowt dedicated to its original freebie/cheapie/newbie ethos, I’ve created this blog – Mar’s Ponderings – solely for my more ‘unofficial’ posts. Please feel free to add, read and/or comment as you wish. Hopefully I’ll be checking this blog’s stats page for any comments once a day, so I should be able to reply fairly quickly.