I splurged today. (Minds out of the gutter, if you please!) It was the last day of the Pixeldolls 50L$ sale, plus there was a secret sale at Bewitched Hair and House of Heart, and Ivey had put out some gorgy new items at Sn@tch. Spendy!Mar splurged a total of 775L$ (eek!) but she also won items to the value of 800L$ on the Sn@tch lucky board, so I’d call that honours even *g*

Splurge #1 was this fabulous ‘Gypsy’ skirt and top set, from Sn@tch, priced at 225L$:

With this outfit, you get the skirt in black, plus the little top in four colours: black, orange, purple (shown here), and white, and on two layers: shirt and undershirt. The little string tie on the top comes in black and also a tintable version, so you can match it with the top, or your hair. That’s a really nice touch :)

The hair in this shot is Bewitched Hair’s ‘Unkept’ in ‘Bell’ (from the Candie colour pack). Unkept is one of my favourite styles from Bewitched, so I was very happy to find it in today’s secret sale, although I’m not going to tell you what price it was ;)

The skin is my beloved Stella di Roccia II ‘Smoke’ in Tone E, with crimson lipstick. I adore these skins, available at Pixeldolls in Port Seraphine. Each pack contains four lip makeups (red, plum, lined, and nude) and freckled and unfreckled versions of each. Also included is a lovely bald base with beautiful arched eyebrows and a pair of prim lashes (something I have yet to get to grips with!)

Hop behind the cut for the rest of today’s buys!

Next splurge was also from Sn@tch. The ‘Twisted Circus’ pants just called out to me, and at 250L$ I couldn’t resist:

The pants come in eight stripey colours (and believe me, I’m being kind to your eyes here by only showing you the grey ones!) – aqua, blue, gold, green, grey, orange, pink, and purple. Talk about lairy, but I love ’em!

I’ve paired them with the Sn@tch ‘Love Kills Slowly’ ruched halter, won from the lucky board. The full set contains pants in five colours and tops in eight colours, and has a full sale value of 325L$. Mar was pleased as punch with those!

The hair I’m wearing here is ‘Rush’ by Bewitched Hair, and it comes complete with the hat. I’m wearing dkblue from the Flava colour pack. Again, it was a sale item (no longer available at that price) – 50L$ for seven colours.

Boots are the ‘Thigh High Hells’ from Nightshade Designs, and I have nooo idea when I bought them, or for how much. I have a sneaking suspicion it might have been at Juicy’s first birthday party, but don’t quote me on that! (Edit: On teleporting to the store to grab the LM, these boots are still available, for 175L$)

Skin is as before, from Stella di Roccia. If you want to get these skins cheaply, by the way, you need to absolutely leg it to Pixeldolls in Port Seraphine, because they’re only available at 50L$ per pack for one more day. The sale ends today (April 5th) and the store will be closed briefly tomorrow (Monday) so that everything can be re-priced. So get a move on!

Splurge #3 next, and oh dear. I’d set my heart on this skirt a while back, and ran to Pixeldolls to buy it for 50L$ today, but when I wore it…

I’m really not happy with the shape of it, and nor is Mar by the looks of her. I think this is one (very rare, for Pixeldolls) case of the ad board looking better than the item once worn, but it could be many things, from Mar’s shape not suiting it, to my not finding the right poses for it. To be fair, the ad does state: ‘Prims may need adjusting to fit your shape’, so I’m not giving up on it yet! On the ad board, the skirt is skimming the floor, and I think that’s what I need to do for Mar: edit the prims and lengthen them so they skim the floor. The fact that they currently finish above her ankles is what makes the skirt look so wrong on her.

The skirt is called ‘Elizabeth’ and comes in a bewildering array of colours: black, crimson, green, merlot, midnight, and teal. I’ve paired it with another purchase from Pixeldolls, and this one I adore. I’ve pictured it in more detail further down in this post, but it’s the Undine Cami, in violet.

Hair is Bewitched (again!) ‘Cropped’ in black. Once again, this was a previous sale item. Skin is also as before, from Stella di Roccia.

The shoes are some of my favorites in SL: Serpenti, by Adam n Eve. They are now no longer available in-world, but are still being sold on Damen Gorilla’s XStreet SL page for 79L$ per pair. Search for his name, then sort the results by price (lowest to highest) and the Serpenti shoes currently start on page 3. Mar is wearing the ‘Very Purple’ colour (naturally, since purple is her colour *g*)

Here’s that Undine Cami from Pixeldolls in more detail. Again, this cost 50L$ in the sale, but won’t be that price after today, I suspect:

The cami comes on all three top layers, and has an underpants and pants layer: the first for tucking in, the second for wearing over underpant layer pants, to give the effect of those trailing ruches at the waist. I really love that little detail.

OK, the cute pose chair needs a mention! I got it at Elisa’s Poses For Friends, back when Elisa held her ‘everything 1L$’ sale a few weeks ago. It contains seven poses (two of them rather saucy!) and is great for taking photos in a burlesque style.

The pants are ooooold, and I can’t remember when I bought them! I was searching through my inventory for pants on the underwear layer, so I could wear the pants layer ruches over the top of them, and these are what I found. They are from the ‘Aloura Sweater and Canvas Pants’ set by Hilarious @ KessKreations, and they have fabulous sculpty prim flares on them.

Hair is Curio’s ‘Hipster’ in Vamp Purple, a style that was originally a group gift when Curio opened their new sim. I love this hair so much!

Shoes are Adam n Eve’s ‘Serpenti’ in Very Purple, as detailed in the previous pic.

Final two splurges are both 50L$ sale packs from the House of Heart secret sale. First of all, is the ‘Blake’ style. I’m showing here the ‘Nugget’ colour from the blondes pack:

I have a soft spot for the Blake hairstyle, because it was the very first ‘proper’ hairstyle Mar found and liked in SL. In fact, if you look at the pic of her in the sidebar of my main blog, SL for Nowt, you’ll see she’s wearing Blake in ‘aub’ – a very early group gift from HoH!

I’m very fond of this hair and of that pic, even though the hair is an older style and something of a bugger to adjust!

In this pic, also, you can see a close-up of the Stella di Roccia skin I’ve been wearing throughout. I should also mention that Mar’s eyes are a simple freebie pair, found throughout SL. Hers came from the freebie section at House of Zen.

Lastly, but not leastly, another 50L$ sale style from House of Heart: ‘Valencia’ in Irish Red, from the Natural Reds colour pack:

I’ll probably wear this more when I’m wearing Mar’s pale-skinned redhead look, which I tend to pair with clothes in a spring green shade.



Bewitched Hair

House of Heart


Nightshade Designs


Hilarious @ KessKreations

Adam n Eve @ XStreet SL

Elisa’s Poses For Friends